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Commercial Equity Financing

How Does Commercial Equity Financing Work?

Leverage the equity in your business or investment property with a Direct Commercial Funding loan and use the funds to cover expansion, major business purchases, debt consolidation or any other business expenditure. And, with our rapid decision and funding process, you could have access to funds quickly and easily.

There are many different types of loans that a business might apply for, depending on the type of business and its particular needs and assets. A well-established business, for example, might take out an unsecured working capital loan, based only on the good credit of the borrower. A smaller business without a good established credit line will need some collateral to take out a loan.

What Can I Use As Collateral?

A business's accounts receivable might be used as collateral in some cases. Equipment the business may have--or intends buy with the loan--can also serve as collateral. A business may also sell their equipment to a lender for cash, then lease it back from them, to acquire fast cash.

There are business loans for real estate, for construction, to acquire businesses and to start them. There are professional loans for doctors and lawyers and such. A business can open up a line of credit for up to $500,000, based on their credit rating and existing inventory.

It is very important for a business owner to know what type of loan is best-suited to meet his or her business's specific needs. Direct has many types of loans for different types of businesses. It has secured and unsecured loans for any amount of credit. Whatever resources a business has, whatever stage it may be in, whatever needs it may have, Direct Commercial Funding can help.

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