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Green Energy Financing

Renewable Energy Loans

Direct Commercial Funding Inc. are an experienced provider of financing for funding alternative green renewable energy projects such as wind, solar, hydro and biodiesel / ethanol plants. We have long term relationships with major industry leaders. Debt and equity package structuring, expertise and underwriting know how allows us to offer comprehensive solutions to our developers’ needs for financing green renewable energy project funding. All solar, wind, biodiesel, ethanol, hydroelectric and other alternative power developments may qualify for the debt and equity programs to 100%. We have the experienced underwriters to make the process of getting the dream out of the ground and into sustainable operation. To get an idea of how your idea qualifies, complete our online application. We'll reply within promptly with the information you need to move forward.

Green Energy Financing

Capitalizing on specialized financing for funding renewable green energy development projects helps to conserve as well as reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Since these technologies do not emit hazardous greenhouse gasses, they also help protect our earth's threatened environment. Systems utilizing clean power play an extremely important role in affordably powering homes, businesses, governments, cities and factories. Renewable sources of power can obviously combine efficiency and clean power generation produced to feed the grid, operate facilities and fill our fuel tanks. Looking at the smaller scale, efficient buildings with their own power generation abilities can reduce peak consumption demand and reduce the necessity for expensive new grid generating capacity, transmission, and distributions lines as our demands grow. 

The 100% debt and equity financing programs for funding is available for qualifying green renewable energy projects. There are specific criteria that a project must meet to qualify for this and we are available to discuss with you. We are available to help the developer meet the requirements and address any questions or concerns regarding this financial program. This is a real opportunity to guarantee sustainability of the project and insure clean power well into the future.

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